Reference 2018-633

REF:           2018-633

Subject:       Networks and telecoms contracts



I have some queries in relation to the previous response, please find them below:


1. Are you able to send me the new WAN contract details:

2. What is the renewal date and contract duration of the Virgin contract?

3. What is the minutes monthly spend for Virgin?

14. WAN Provider- please provide me with the supplier for each contract if there is no information available please can you provide further insight into why?

15. WAN Contract Renewal Date- please provide day, month and year (month and year are also acceptable). If this is a rolling contract please provide me with the rolling date of the contract. If there is more than one supplier please provide me with the renewal date for each supplier.

16. Contract Description: Please can you provide me with a brief description of each contract.

17. The number of sites: Please state the number of sites the WAN covers for each contract. Approx. will do.

18. WAN Annual Average Spend- Annual average spend for each WAN provider. An estimate or average is acceptable.

19. If the above WAN contract is not in relation to N3/HSCN can you please provide me with details on when the Trust is planning to migrate to the HSCN contract.

20. Internal Contact: please can you send me there full contact details including contact number and email and job title for all the contract above.




The previous answer (2018-443) still applies.