Reference 2018-637

REF:           2018-637

Subject:       Patient Level Drug Dataset



Under the freedom of Information Act I would like to request access to the following.

For where data is available, your record-level submissions to NHS England for the Patient Level Drug Dataset Specification ( ) in the format laid out in the “Drug Example dataset” tab


Please could the files be redacted for the following commercially and/or patient-sensitive columns:


G – NHS Number

H – Local Patient Identifier

I – Personal Birth Date

J – Postcode of Usual Address

L – Hospital Provider Spell Number

M – Outpatient Attendance Identifier

Z – Supplier Unit Price

AA – Commissioner Unit Price

AB – Home delivery charge

AD – Total Cost


I would like the data since 01/04/2017, split by individual month.




Please find information attached.

2018-637 – FOI Request – Patient Level Drug Dataset [2 mb] MS Excel