Reference 2018-643

REF:           2018-643

Subject:       Loans and returns of hospital equipment



1)      Do you have a system for recording loans and returns of

  • Crutches
  • Wheelchairs
  • Other walking aids


2)      If yes, please provide, for each category and for each of the past five financial years:

  • How much you spent on the items
  • The number of items bought
  • The number of items issued to patients
  • The number of items returned by patients
  • The number of items reused for other patients
  • The number of items disposed of, and where available,  their destination (e.g. sent to waste firm, donated to care home)


3)      Please provide me with a copy of any trust guidelines on the purchase and disposal of crutches, wheelchairs and walking aids.




We asked for clarification and never received a reply therefore the request has been closed.