Reference 2018-660

REF:           2018-660

Subject:       Gifts and hospitality register



Under the Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting information on your organisation’s gifts and hospitality register (or equivalent).

I would like a breakdown for the last two years (eg. April 2016 to March 2018, or calendar years if appropriate to your organisation), items which have been logged on your organisation’s gifts and hospitality register by staff.

I request the following details:

– Date item was declared

– Description of item

– Reason for the gift/hospitality

– Value

– Whether the item was accepted or declined

– Role of staff member the gift was received by, e.g. nurse, Agenda for Change band 5 or above, or doctor, foundation year 1 and above.

Additionally, does your organisation have a monetary limit on gifts (i.e. gifts worth under £50 are allowed) and can cash gifts ever be permitted?




Section 21 – information already reasonably accessible.


This exemption applies if the information requested is already accessible to the requester. You could apply this if you know that the requester already has the information, or if it is already in the public domain.


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