Reference 2018-664

REF:           2018-664

Subject:       Transgender patients on wards



* When accommodating patients who identify as transgender on wards that are segregated according to sex do you allocate them by their biological birth/sex or their preferred/expressed gender? To be clear, if a patient/service user who identifies as a transgender woman asks to be placed on a women’s ward would you comply even if they had not taken any medical steps towards gender reassignment and retained their male genitalia or would you house them on a men’s ward ?

* Do you have an official policy with regard to where transgender patients are accommodated where sex/segregation is a factor?

* How many transgender patients have you accommodated on wards according to their preferred/expressed gender rather than their biological sex for the 12 months up to the last month for which records are available?

* Have there been any complaints from other patients/service users where that has occurred about that policy/decision?

* Have there been any complaints about the behaviour of patients who identify as transgender where they have been accommodated on wards in alignment with their transgender identity rather than their biological/birth sex?

* Have there been any negative/adverse incidents involving patients who identify as transgender that have affected other patients/service users, been reported/recorded in any official/formal capacity or required action/intervention outside of normal care?




Please find information attached.

2018-664 – FOI Request – Transgender patients on wards [105 kb] PDF