Reference 2018-671

REF:           2018-671

Subject:       iFM Bolton



1. Are there current members of the Trust’s Board who are  also current members of iFM’s Board? If so, what roles do they have on each Board, and what is their renumeration in each position?

2. How long will TUPE and pension arrangements remain in place for those members of staff who transferred from the NHS to iFM? Do these arrangements mirror those set out in Agenda for Change?

3. Have staff who transferred from ISS into iFM been offered the same TUPE and pension arrangements as those who transferred from the NHS?

If not, how do their arrangements differ with respect to minimum pay, holidays and holiday pay, overtime pay, sickness pay) and how long will these arrangements remain in place?

4a. Do the terms and conditions of work and pension arrangements of new staff recruited to iFM match

i) those of staff who transferred from the NHS, or

ii) staff who transferred from ISS?

4b. If neither, how do their terms and conditions and pension arrangements differ, with respect to minimum pay, holidays and holiday pay, overtime pay, sickness pay, and pension arrangements? And how long will these arrangements remain in place?

5a. How much has been paid in total to consultancy firms for advice or other work relating to iFM, including any scoping exercise, tax advice, financial advice, employment law advice, due diligence advice and other advice about the implementation of iFM?

5b. Of this sum, how much has been paid individually to the following consultancy firms:

  • QE Facilities,
  • Bond Dickinson,
  • Deloitte,
  • KPMG, and
  • Beechcroft?

6. What is the value of i) property and ii) equipment that has been transferred to iFM and under what terms?

7. What is the length of contract that iFM has with Bolton NHS FT and will iFM be expected to enter into a competitive tender at the end of this contract?

8. Please provide a copy of the business case for setting up iFM.




Please find information attached.

2018-671 – FOI Request – iFM Bolton [131 kb] PDF

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