Reference 2018-692

REF:           2018-692

Subject:       VAT advisory services



1)    Does the organisation use an external provider for VAT advisory services? If so please state the name of the organisation used (E.g. Liaison, CRS, Berthold Bauer, KPMG)?

2)    Please state the contract start and end date?

3)    Please state the name of the finance system used?

4)    If the Trust has an external AP provider please state the name of the organisation used (E.g. SBS, Serco)

5)    Please state the total number of Accounts Payable invoices processed / posted by the organisation in the last financial year?

6)    What was the value of adjustments identified by your external VAT advisor for each the following:

  • Contracted out Services Underclaims
  • Capital Underclaims
  • Contracted out Services Overclaims
  • Input Tax recovery
  • Reverse Charge/ Acquisition tax adjustments
  • Output Tax adjustments

7)    Did the organisation use an external provider to re-review VAT adjustments in the last financial year and if so state the name of the company used?

8)    Please state the total amount of additional VAT identified by this provider split into underclaims and overclaims?




Please find information attached.

2018-692 – FOI Request – VAT advisory services [126 kb] PDF

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