Reference 2018-712

REF:           2018-712

Subject:       Female sanitary products



For the 2017-18 financial year, please provide:

  1. Income raised from the sale of female sanitary products on the NHS trusts’ sites – in vending machines, retail outlets or in any other instance whereby revenue is raised for/by the trust through the sale of female sanitary products
  2. The price of each sanitary product that is made available for purchase across the trust’s sites. Please provide a description of the brand and type of product, size of the pack or unit value and where the product is on sale (shop, bathroom vending machine etc). If the price of the product has fluctuated over the course of the financial year, please provide the standard retail price when it was not subject to any kind of promotion. This figure should be the price at which the product has been retailed for the most substantial period of time during the year. (I.e. if the product has retailed at x price for three months and y price for six months, please provide y.
  3. Total expenditure by the trust on sanitary products for the use of patients, whether in-patients or out-patients.
  4. Volume of sanitary products purchased by the trust for the use of patients, broken down by type of product – tampon, pads, etc.
  5. Confirmation of whether the trust has any policy(s) or formal approach in place concerning the provision of sanitary products to patients and how patients can obtain these products free of charge when under the care of the trust.
  6. If such a policy or formal approach exists, please provide a copy of any such documentation that confirms the policy and informs staff and patients about it.




Please find information attached.

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