Reference 2018-719

REF:           2018-719

Subject:       Compliance (DBS) and Reference Checks



1. Does your organisation have a central repository for data relating to reference checking and DBS?

2. Is the compliance (DBS) and reference checking process within the organisation automated or manual?

3. What compliance (DBS) and reference checks are conducted on the below staffing groups:

a) Nursing and Midwifery

b) Medical and dental

c) Non-Medical Non-Clinical

4. What is the average time for the organisation to get a return on a DBS compliance check and references in 17/18?

5. How many compliance (DBS) checks are conducted, on average each month in 17/18?

6. How many staff on average, are involved in compliance and reference checking process in 17/18?

7. How many hours per month, on average are spent on compliance (DBS) and reference checking in 17/18?

8. Does your organisation currently have a third-party provider for compliance (DBS) and reference checking?

a) If yes, please list the supplier(s)

b) What were the costs associated with compliance (DBS) and reference checking to the organisation in 2017/18?

c) Contract Start Date

d) Contract End Date

e) Did you use a framework to procure their services?

f) If yes, what framework did you procure them through?




Please find information attached.

2018-719 – FOI Request – Compliance (DBS) and Reference Checks [115 kb] PDF