Reference 2018-720

REF:           2018-720

Subject:       Trust registers and events



  1. Please provide me with your full registers covering all interests of, and gifts, hospitality, or sponsorship received by, staff members, or employees of your organisation, or your organisation, from January 1, 2014 to the present day.

This may be one register, list, or document, or it may be split into a number of different registers covering different aspects of the above – regardless of how you store this information, please provide any and all registers covering that time period.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am interested in the registers which would include information including – but not limited to:

– The sponsorship of educational or other organisational activities, which take place on your organisation’s premises or under the auspices of your organisation, whether in the form of fully/partly funding activities, providing resources such as refreshments or venues, or other forms of support.

– The sponsorship of individuals or groups, employed by or affiliated to your organisation, perhaps in terms of fully/partly covering travel costs, admission fees, or other costs to attend conferences, education, training, or any other form of support.

– Sponsorship of individuals to gain recognised qualifications – e.g. a grant to support a PHD.

– Any paid work undertaken by your staff members or employees for third parties, or any other interests relating to your staff members or employees and third parties.

– Any gifts or hospitality provided to individuals or the organisation. – Any awards provided to members of the staff or employees which are accompanied by a financial reward, resources, the covering of travel costs, or other ‘prize’ with monetary value.

– And, if held, details of all sponsorship, funding or other support for research, studies, or trials carried out by your organisation, or by individuals at your organisation.

If you do not hold information covering all of these areas please send me only those from the areas you do hold information on.

Please note that I am not looking for just your most recent registers, but those which cover the entire period back to January 1 2014. This may mean sending me a number of different registers or other documents.

I am aware you publish some of this material online, but data from this far back and covering all these areas are not available on your website. There is therefore no argument that this material is already in the public domain.

Please note that I would expect each item on each register to include all standard information usually published on such records, such as the date or dates, the individual/team/event at your organisation it was provided to, the approximate or exact value, the reason for accepting, the organisation or individual providing the gift/hospitality/sponsorship/etc, their reason for providing it or what they received in return, and so on. I am not requesting more personal information than is usually disclosed on these records, or for additional information to be added.

Where your organisation has been formed by the separation/merger of other organisations, please provide the documentation relating to your organisation from the date it was formed, and for the previous organisations going back to January 1, 2014.

If it is easier to provide the information from the financial year 2013/14 to the present day, please feel free to do this instead.

Please provide this data in whichever digital format it is currently stored in/is most convenient for you.

If this email address relates to more than one NHS organisation please process this as a separate request for each organisation that you cover.

  1. Please provide me with a full list of all external events held on your organisation’s premises/ under your organisation’s auspices since January 1, 2014, along with the name of the external organiser of the event, and any sponsors of that event. 

If the second question is not possible within the resource limits of FOI, please carry out only question 1.




Please find attached a declarations register for information between March 2012 and August 2015.

Declarations of hospitality and gifts (March 2012 – Aug 2015) [13 kb] MS Excel


For more recent information, please refer to our public declarations page: