Reference 2018-8

REF:            2018-8

Subject:        Council of Governors




We would like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  1. How many Governors make up your full Council of Governors?
  2. How many people make up your Trust membership?
  3. Are the numbers of Governors proportionate to the membership?
  4. If so to what proportion are they?
  5. Please list the titles of your Governor constituencies including any sub categories that each constituency may have.
  6. How many Governor positions are within each constituency?
  7. How many members are within each constituency?
  8. Which constituency does your lead Governor belong to?
  9. Which constituencies, if any, do you find it hard to recruit to?
  10. Does your Council of Governors have a role description specific to your Trust, if so please include a copy of this.




The request has been closed as per user request.