Reference 2018-86

REF:            2018-86

Subject:        MRI information



I am doing some research in relation to NHS imaging infrastructure and as such have a few questions on MRI scanners, in respect of which I am requesting your response under the Freedom of Information Act.

For each scanner operated anywhere by your Trust

  1. Manufacturer?
  2. Model?
  3. Software version?
  4. Do your scanners have fast T1 mapping capacity?
  5. Located in which hospital within Trust?
  6. Acquisition year?
  7. How it was financed (owned by Trust, leased or held under Managed Equipment Service (‘MES’) arrangements)?
  8. If MES, which provider do you use?
  9. What year will the equipment be replaced?
  10. Is maintenance done by the Trust, by the Manufacturer or by 3rd party provider?
  11. If 3rd party provider which provider do you use?
  12. What are the operational hours of the equipment?




Under section 21 Information already available


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