Reference 2018-87

REF:       2018-87    

Subject:   Asthma patients    




  1. In your trust, in the past 3 months [latest 3 months available], how many asthma patients aged 18 and over have been treated?


  1. How many paediatric asthma treated patients [aged 6-17] have been treated?


  1. How many severe asthmatic patients [BTS guidelines, step 4 or 5] have been treated?


  1. How many severe allergic asthma patients [severe persistent confirmed allergic IgE-mediated asthma OR severe persistent confirmed allergic eosinophilic asthma] have been treated with:

–          Omalizumab [Xolair]

–          Mepolizumab [Nucala]

–          Reslizumab [Cinqaero]

–          Benralizumab [Fasenra]

–          Other [Please state]


  1. How many paediatric severe asthma patients treated with Xolair/omalizumab?


  1. How many asthma clinics are run per month?


  1. What is the average number of severe asthma patients per clinic?


  1. Do you treat non asthma patients with Omalizumab [Xolair]?

If yes, how many of for what condition?




Please find information attached.

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