Reference 2019-148

REF:           2019-148

Subject:       Cybersecurity



1. Are you aware of the Minimum Cyber Security Standard, published 25th June 2018?

a. Yes

b. No


2. What is your annual dedicated budget for cybersecurity (including personnel and technology)?

a. £10,000 or less

b. £10,001 – £50,000

c. £50,001 – £100,000

d. £100,001 – £500,000

e. £500,001 – £1,000,000

f. £1,000,001 – £5,000,000

g. £5,000,001 – £10,000,000

h. £10,000,001 or more


3. Approximately how many cyber-attacks (of any kind) have you experienced in your organisation in these 12-month periods?


  None 1 – 50 50 – 100 100 – 200 200 – 500 500 -1000 1000+
1st January 2017 – 31st December 2017              
1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018              


4. Which of the following attack / cybersecurity threat types have been detected by your organisation? [Select all that apply]

a. Hacking

b. Phishing

c. Malware

d. Ransomware

e. Accidental/careless insider threat

f. Malicious insider threat

g. Foreign governments

h. Crypto mining

j. Other, please specify: _______________


5. Which of the following form part of your cybersecurity defence technology strategy? [Select all that apply]

a. Firewall

b. Antivirus software

c. Network device monitoring

d. DNS filtering

e. Malware protection

f. Log management

g. Network configuration management

h. Patch management

i. Network traffic analysis

j. Multi-factor authentication

k. Network perimeter security solutions

l. Employee training (whole organisation)

m. Employee training (IT team)

n. Other, please specify: ___________


6. Which of these obstacles has your organisation experienced in maintaining or improving IT security? [Select all that apply]

a. Competing priorities and other initiatives

b. Budget constraints

c. Lack of manpower

d. Lack of technical solutions available at my agency

e. Complexity of internal environment

f. Lack of training for personnel

g. Inadequate collaboration with other internal teams or departments

h. Other, please specify: _______________




Please find information attached.

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