Reference 2019-172

REF:            2019-172

Subject:        Patient transport



  1. Do you have dedicated team responsible for arranging patient transport when they leave your hospital? – Yes / No If NO please explain how patient transport is arranged If YES how many are in this team?
  2. Do you provide a 7 day week service?
  3. Approximately how many bookings are made each year (if possible please split this into inpatient and outpatient visits)?
  4. Who else is involved in the process – Please list each stakeholder for example Nurse, Bed Manager, Sisters/Matrons, Finance, CCG Finance, CCG Transport Provider, Own Transport Department, Other?
  5. Do you have your own transport department who transport the patient to their destination? Yes / No 6.What systems and applications do you use to capture and track the transport bookings?
  6. Is this an off the shelf/package or in house developed system?
  7. Do you have many disputed invoices with the CCGs for Patient Transport?




Please find information attached.

2019-172 – FOI Request – Patient transport [109 kb] PDF