Reference 2019-177

REF:          2019-177 

Subject:      Rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids 




I would like to request information on the following data within 20 days, for each of the OPCS codes below I would like to know the total numbers of patients which were treated/assigned the following procedures/codes for 2018:

Inpatient numbers only for this (i.e. day case/main operating theatres)

Description: Rubber Band Ligation of Haemorrhoid

OPCS Code: H52.4


Total number of patients treated:


A70.1 Implantation of neurostimulator into peripheral nerve.  Total number of patients =

A70.4 Insertion of neurostimulator electrodes into peripheral nerve. Total number of patients =



Please find information attached.

2019-177 – FOI Request – Rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids [11 kb] Ms Excel