Reference 2019-188

REF:            2019-188

Subject:        Paediatric Allergy Services



Before Christmas, all trusts in the UK were sent a brief questionnaire  establishing whether they provided paediatric allergy services. This was done as a Freedom of Information request (Your reference number if given: ), the result being that a response was received from every single trust in the UK. You identified your trust as being one of the ones that is providing paediatric allergy services.

We are now requesting more detailed information about that service. This again, is being undertaken as an FoI request. We appreciate that this results in a legal requirement to provide the data, but hope the data provided will be immensely valuable for clinicians providing paediatric allergy services, for patients as we establish best practice, and for the BSACI in understanding better what resources centres need going forward.

Volunteers have completed the survey which takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Explicitly, we do not require colleagues to look up any specific service data – they are asked to approximate responses at certain points – absolute precision is not necessary.

We very much encourage it to be completed using the link to the online questionnaire, as this includes routing which ensures colleagues only have to provide responses to questions that pertain to their service, and skips sections that are irrelevant for their trust. The online questionnaire offers the opportunity at the end to print out the completed questionnaire (and/or save it as a pdf file) so colleagues can provide a copy for their trusts FoI officer which they will require.


Survey completed online.