Reference 2019-194

REF:           2019-194

Subject:       Remote patient monitoring/telehealth




  1. Does your organization presently promote/or endorse a (RPM) remote patient monitoring system to capture vital signs or other health related measurements post discharge from hospital and whilst a patient is residing in their own home or being cared for in a non-acute environment such as community hospital/hospice/residential or care home – (Measurement examples being blood pressure/weight/temperature/Oxygen Saturation/EWS/ pulse/glucose etc.)?


  1. If the answer is NO –

1.1.2         Within the next 2 years, is telemedicine/ RPM, something that the Trust would consider as a way of either reducing hospital admissions, promoting an earlier discharge and/or recognizing and acting upon patient deterioration sooner?

1.1.3         If the Trust is not considering RPM for suitable patients (able to take their own readings or have a relative who can do this for them) – is there a reason why this is not being considered either on a per Trust basis or part of an agreement with the CCG?


1.2      If the answer is YES – RPM is presently used for some discharged patients- could you please detail –

1.2.2         the system type/name/supplier

1.2.3         When this came into use and when the contract expires

1.2.4         Who funds home monitoring, is this the CCG, the Acute Trust or a combination of both or other organization (e.g. charity/STP)?

1.2.5         How much this cost per patient or per year for multiple patients

1.2.6         What patient data is captured & is there measurements you would like to capture but cannot achieve at the moment?

1.2.7         What systems does this data feed into – e.g.GP systems & supplier

1.2.8         Has there been any analysis of this data to demonstrate that remote patient monitoring from home has:

  • Reduced patient re-admissions into hospital
  • Expedited the discharge process
  • Improved “follow up” care post discharge – reminding patients to take medications/ monitor on-going health measurements etc.


2            Who is the main person(s)/ decision maker (s) – who would probably be responsible for the decision to use remote patient monitoring post discharge? (Name/title/contact details etc.)




Please find information attached.

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