Reference 2019-21

REF:           2019-21

Subject:       Specialist Skin MDT members



There are two types of skin cancer MDTs; Local Skin MDTs and Specialist skin cancer multidisciplinary teams (SSMDT).

Specialist Skin MDTs will normally consider patients who:

  • have a rare skin cancer.
  • have SCC or melanoma that’s at higher risk of coming back or has come back.
  • have any type of skin cancer that’s spread to another part of the body.
  • need treatment that the Local Hospital Skin Cancer MDT doesn’t provide.
  • may be offered to participate in a clinical trial.


If your Trust hosts a Specialist Skin MDT, we would be very grateful for the names of the MDT participants please.




We cannot provide this information because staff could be identified. Refused under section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act.


However, you can find out more information on our public website. The clinical lead profiles can be found at the following link: