Reference 2019-220

REF:           2019-220

Subject:       Controlled drugs that have been reported lost/stolen




I am contacting you under the Freedom of Information act 2000.

I wanted to get a list of controlled drugs that have been reported lost/stolen from your NHS Trust in the last five years (2014,2015,2016,2017,2018)?

Please provide the answers in an excel spreadsheet or google spreadsheet with the following headings: date, whether drug was stolen/lost, whether the drug was recovered/found, the name of the controlled drug, the approximate value.




We are exempting this under S31 law enforcement on the basis that this information in the public domain would allow criminals, in particular organised crime, to identify whether any particular Trusts are vulnerable to theft. The specific details would give an indication of the quantity and value of drugs in supply increasing the likelihood of theft attempts. There is also the risk that any current / recent theft operations would be ‘tipped-off’ as to whether this has been identified and the general response taken for incidents.

Maintaining a secure drug stock is vital to the ongoing operations of the Trust and the duty of care to patients.