Reference 2019-288

REF:            2019-288

Subject:        Flexible Working Policy and Adoption




  1. Do you offer flexible working policies to address the different types of flexible working listed below (Yes/No):
  2. a)    Part-time working
  3. b)    Flexitime
  4. c)    Job sharing
  5. d)    Compressed hours
  6. e)    Annual hours
  7. f)     Term-time working
  8. g)    Home working
  9. h)    Voluntary time
  10. i)      Zero-hour contracts
  11. j)      Other


  1. Please provide the number of staff accessing flexible working by the following staff groups in the years 2017/18 and 2018/19 (Headcount):
  2017/18 2018/19


  1. Please provide the following details around flexible working requests and agreements over the past 12 months (Headcount):
  Total number of staff Number of flexible working requests Number of flexible working agreements
16-40 Years of Age      
40+ Years of age      


  1. On average, how long does a flexible working agreement last (Years/Months)?
  2. Are flexible working agreements recorded against the employee HR record (ESR)?
  3. What % of vacancies in your organisation have been specifically targeted at reaching individuals seeking flexible working arrangements?
  4. Has your organisation seen any quantifiable or measurable returns through the implementation or adoption of flexible working?
  5. Is training available to managers around dealing with flexible working?
  6. What % of managers have received training around flexible working?

Process and Providers of flexible working

  1. Please provide details on the organisation’s application process for a member of staff wishing to engage in a flexible working arrangement. Within which, please indicate whether this process is manual or supported via an electronic system.
  2. Does your organisation use any 3rd party systems to enable or facilitate the flexible working application process and flexible working arrangements?
  3. Please provide the name of the system[s] used




Please find information attached.

2019-288 – FOI Request – Flexible Working Policy and Adoption [125 kb] PDF