Reference 2019-295

REF:            2019-295

Subject:        Unlicensed SCAT




I would like to request information about the availability of unlicensed systemic anticancer therapy (SCAT) being offered at your hospital, outside a clinical trial, for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia or acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (referred as “indications” below) between April 2017 and April 2019.

Question 1

Does your hospital offered any unlicensed SCATs for these indications that was provided by drug company via a free-of-charge scheme, managed access scheme or patient access scheme that was not commissioned or reimbursed by NHS England.

Question 2

Which drugs were involved in these schemes? If not able to provide name, please state total number.

Question 3

How many patient received treatment under these schemes?

Question 4

Please provide your local procedure/policy for access to unlicensed SCAT that is not commissioned or reimbursed by NHS England. Who is responsible for approval of these requests in your organisation?

Question 5

Please provide your local pharmacy procedure/policy for quality control or quality reassurance of these unlicensed medications when they are delivered to hospital.




We do not treat these conditions at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.