Reference 2019-30

REF:           2019-30

Subject:       Intensive outpatient treatment



1. Does your Trust provide any intensive outpatient treatment for patients with Eating Disorders, for example, a day treatment programme or home treatment (or another model of intensive outpatient treatment)? We are interested in programmes for both children and young people, and/ or adults.


If “no” to question 1, that is all that is required. Thank you for your response.


If “yes” to question 1, please answer the questions below. If you have more than one model of intensive outpatient treatment and separate programmes based on age or any other criteria, please provide separate answers for each treatment programme and specify which programme is being referred to.

2. What model/s of intensive outpatient treatment does this service adopt? E.g. day treatment or home treatment, or any other treatment modalities. Although we give day treatment and home treatment as examples, we are keen to hear about any other forms of intensive treatment too.


3. What is the intensity of this model/s of intensive outpatient treatment and intended length of treatment? E.g. number of hours a day/ days per week, number of contacts per week, length of treatment duration.


4. What are the referral criteria for the intensive outpatient service? E.g. restrictions by age or diagnostic criteria.


5. What is the catchment area for referrals to your intensive outpatient Eating Disorders service?


6. Which organisation/s commission the intensive outpatient Eating Disorders treatment?


7. Please state the size of the caseload (number of accepted referrals) at your intensive outpatient Eating Disorders programme/s (as described above) on the dates below…


31 March 2017:

31 March 2018:


If you have more than one intensive outpatient programme, please provide the size of the caseload separately for each, and specify whether the programme is for over 18s or under 18s.


8. Where possible, please provide the web address explaining more about the programme.




Unfortunately we do not hold this information. Neither the adult dietetic service nor the paediatric dietetic service delivers services to patients with eating disorders in this Trust. The adult dietetic service is delivered by Cheshire and Wirral partnership from Breightmet Health centre. Meanwhile, the paediatric dietetic service is delivered by North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS FT.


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