Reference 2019-321

REF:            2019-321

Subject:        Healthcare Security Management



I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from the manager responsible for Security Management within your NHS Trust:

  • Job titles and responsibilities within the Organisation (for Benchmarking)
  • SIA licencing status
  • Professional reflection of NHS Protect ASMS/LSMS training
  • What Security Management Standards are applied within your NHS Trust
  • Whether your Trust utilise contracted or in-house staff
  • Whether your Trust utilises Criminal Justice and Immigration Act legislation (sections 119 and 120)
  • What qualifications and competencies your Security Management staff hold (anonymised)
  • Utilisation of the legacy NHS Protect Self Review Tool (SRT)
  • Responsibilities held by the LSMS/Security Manager of your Trust
  • Professional opinion of the required learning content of a Healthcare Security Management qualification.


Please provide the information in the form of completing the relevant surveys at the following links and confirming back by email that these have been completed. Each survey has no more than 10 short questions and will take approximately 10 minutes.

Not all surveys are required to be completed. Survey 2 is requested to be completed as part of this FOI, however only one of the options is required to be completed by any one individual (dependant on who the Trust employs):

  1. a. Accredited ASMS/LSMS:
  2. Non-Accredited Healthcare Security Managers:
  3. Nominated Security Management Directors (SMD)s:
  4. Learning Content:



Please find information attached.

2019-321 FIO Request – Healthcare Security Management – MSc Research [123 kb] PDF