Reference 2019-328

REF:            2019-328

Subject:        Car parking benchmarking




  1. Number of Car Parking Spaces across your Trust, broken down by:
    1. General or Staff bays
    2. Patient and Visitor bays
    3. Designated Disabled (blue badge) bays
    4. Other (such as drop-off or on-call – if not counted elsewhere)
    5. Total number of parking spaces

This data is only required at Trust level, please do not break down to site level

  1. Does the trust apply any eligibility criteria to the allocation of staff permits?
    1. And if so what is it?
  2. What staff parking charging structure does your Trust apply?
  3. Do you have ANPR coverage in any of your car parks?
  4. Does your Trust grant any relaxation of parking rules (e.g. staff permitted to park in patient bays out of hour hours)
    1. If so, what rules do you apply to them?
  5. How may staff do you employ?
    1. Figure for total staff (including part timers)
    2. Figure for WTE total.
  6. What rationale/logic does your Trust apply to ERIC* question S09_06: Average fee charged per hour for staff parking?
    1. We would like to know the formula used for this specific calculation, including the sums used to come to your final sum.




Please find information attached.

2019-328 – FOI request – Car parking benchmarking [115 kb] PDF