Reference 2019-388

REF:            2019-388   

Subject:        Health Records Digitisation




We would be grateful if you could clarify your Trusts current position in relation to Health Records digitisation by answering the following questions – we are however aware of a previous FOI submitted in 2013/14. If there has been no change since the previous response, please confirm no change has occurred. If changes have occurred, please review and respond to the below.

  1. Has your Trust digitised its active Health Records by scanning them to an Electronic Document Management (EDM) System?

If Yes, please proceed to Question 2.

If No, please proceed to Question 3.


Question 2)

2.1) When did the Trust procure the system?

2.2) When did the system go-live within the Trust?

2.3) If the projects roll-out has completed, when did the Trust reach a Business as Usual (BAU) state?

2.4) Which EDM vendor has the Trust contracted with?

2.5) Which scanning provider delivered the scanning contract? If this was delivered by an internal Trust scanning bureau or the Trust transitioned to internal scanning, please provide detail.

2.6) At the point of scanning records, was the vendor or internal bureau accredited to BS10008?

2.7) Which of the following statements best represents the scanning approach undertaken:

  1. All physical Health Records have been scanned to the EDM system.
  1. Only records required for upcoming attendances (On-demand) were scanned, all other records remained as paper and were destroyed in-line with their retention profile.
  1. A mixture of On-demand scanning and scanning notes which had been historically active recently, leaving inactive notes as paper.
  1. No historic notes were scanned, instead only new records are digitised. The entire Heath Records library is retained until each records retention profile is met.

2.8) What, if any, benefits has the system provided and over what timeframe? Please define each benefit as Cash Releasing (CR), Non-Cash Releasing (NCR), Qualitative (Q) or Societal (S).

2.9) Is the Trust still capturing new information by scanning or have electronic forms been implemented? (eForms)

2.10) If eForms are in use, are these created within the EDM system or another application(s) such as an EPR / eObs or both?

2.11) If the Trust is still scanning new content into the EDM, are the forms themselves barcoded (bForms) or are separate barcoded sheets used (Classification / Index / Separator Sheets)?

2.12) Who is responsible for the EDM System and any scanning activities?


Question 3)

3.1) Is the Trust currently considering options for implementing an EDM and/or scanning activities for Health Records.

3.2) Has the Trust prepared a Business Case to consider the benefits and costs of implementing an EDM solution?

3.2) Is the Trust waiting for opportunities for central funding support before committing to approving any business case?



Please find information attached.

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