Reference 2019-41

REF:           2019-41

Subject:       Staff compensation claims



Please send me information on the number and nature of compensation claims brought against your organisation by members of staff who have sustained an injury or contracted a disease while employed your organisation since January 2016 to the present time (last 3 years).

I would like a year by year breakdown, preferably on an excel document via email, detailing:

  • Details of the injury (i.e. moving and handling injury, slips/trips/falls and so on)
  • Staff role if known (i.e. staff nurse, doctor)
  • Whether compensation was paid
  • The total amount of compensation paid
  • If information available, any action taking following the incident (i.e. additional training, non-slip flooring and so on) 




Please find information attached.

2019-41 – FOI Request – Staff compensation claims [16 kb] MS Excel

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