Reference 2019-422

REF:            2019-422

Subject:        Corporate Communications




  1. The job title of the most senior person in the Communications Department?
  2. Number of whole time equivalent members of staff are there in the Communications Department?
  3. Total pay budget for the Communications Department?
  4. Total non-pay budget for the Communications Department?
  5. Average open rates for staff email bulletins
  6. Total annual attendance figures at internal staff briefings in 2018/19 (specifically briefings that were organised by the Communications Department)
  7. Which of the following does the Communications Department report to the Board on a regular basis (yes or no answer):
    • Media coverage
    • Social media activity
    • Website activity
    • Intranet activity
    • Internal email open rates
    • Attendance at staff briefings
    • Video views
    • Internal campaign performance


Please could you also let me know:

  1. The % hand hygiene compliance at the trust in 2018/19
  2. The staff turnover rate at the trust in 2018/19




Please find information attached.

2019-422 – FOI request – Corporate Communications [111 kb] PDF