Reference 2019-433

REF:            2019-433

Subject:        Pessary management




Name of organisation: ________________________________________________________


Question Number Comments
How many new pessaries are inserted in your Trust/ CCG/ Practice in the last year?    
How many  pessaries are changed in your Trust/ CCG/ Practice in the last year?    
 What are the training requirements for a pessary practitioner in your Trust/ CCG/Practice?

Please share any related competency or training documents




Who provides pessary care in your Trust/ CCG/ Practice? (see table below and tick all that  apply)

Designation: Please tick all that apply
Consultant Urogynaecologist  
Consultant Gynaecologist  
Urogynaecology Subspecialist Trainee  
Junior Doctor  
Nurse Consultant  
Advanced Nurse Practitioner  
Specialist Nurse  
Staff Nurse  
Assistant Practitioner  
Clinical Support Worker/Auxillary Nurse/Nursing assistant  
Other (please specify)  




Please find information attached.

2019-433 – FOI request – Pessary management [142 kb] PDF