Reference 2019-434

REF:            2019-434

Subject:        Maternity patient services



1 i) Please could you supply the dosage table for intravenous oxytocin infusion (It might be called Syntocinon.) from your Trust’s Induction of Labour (or Augmentation of Labour) policy? If it was recently updated, please supply the previous one, also.  Thank you.

  1. ii) If named in the document, please give the make and model of infusion pump used on your labour ward. (If more than one is in use, please list them all.) Thank you.

2) Please supply your month-by-month postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) statistics for last year, or, an average rate per month that includes all PPHs (i.e. over 500ml, over 1000ml and over 1500ml), whichever is easier.  Thank you.

3) How many units of blood or blood products were transfused to maternity patients during 2018?

4) What was the cost to your maternity service of blood and substitute blood products transfused during 2018?

5) What was the total cost of transfusion services to your maternity unit, including unused products that had been ordered, in 2018?




Please find information attached.

2019-434 – FOI request – Maternity patient services [162 kb] PDF