Reference 2019-439

REF:            2019-439

Subject:        Domestic abuse policy




  1. Do you have a domestic abuse policy or something equivalent that applies to employees experiencing domestic abuse? If so, please provide a copy of the applicable policy.
  2. Do you have other policy/policies which provide for support for employees experiencing domestic abuse (for example, as part of a leave policy)? If so, please provide a copy/copies of the relevant policy/policies.
  3. Please inform us when each of the policies caught by the above questions (‘the relevant policies’) were first created and, if applicable, subsequently reviewed and updated?
  4. Do you have a dedicated point of contact staff member who is trained to provide information and support to employees experiencing domestic abuse? When was that role created and first made active?
  5. How are HR staff and managers made aware of the existence of  the relevant policies?
  6. How are general staff made aware of the existence of the relevant policies?





Please find information attached.

2019-439 – FOI request – Domestic abuse policy [125 kb] PDF

Attendance Management Policy – Version 8 FINAL [809 kb] PDF

Dignity and Respect at Work [317 kb] PDF

Domestic+Violence+and+Abuse+Policy+Final [403 kb] PDF

Flexible Working Policy V 7 dec 16 [609 kb] PDF