Reference 2019-448

REF:            2019-448

Subject:        Guidelines for Intrapartum Care within Bolton NHS Trust



Please could I have a copy of the current guidelines for Intrapartum Care within Bolton NHS Trust. Specifically can I have the guidelines individually for Ingleside, the Birth Suite and the Delivery ward.

For reference here is an out of date copy of the birth suite guidelines I am requesting the equivalent of

If you as a trust hold anything similar to the below could I also have a copy of it:





Please find information attached.

Birth suite Guideline PR 05.12.18 [388 kb] PDF

Eating and drinking in labour (SKC) 06.03.19 [335 kb] PDF

Fetal Monitoring in Labour GMEC June 19 [666 kb] PDF

Ingleside Policy – V2 CO 13.11.18 signed [1 MB] PDF

Normal+Labour+JT+22-2-17 [3 MB] PDF