Reference 2019-469

REF:           2019-469

Subject:       Pre-filled syringes



I would like a list of employee job titles (not personal data) for those within your trust who are decision-makers regarding the decision to procure pre-filled syringes in analgesic, anaesthetic or emergency care.

This could include those employees involved with procurement and management of these products.

This information will be used to better understand the general process for the UK, and not reported at an institution level.




The decision makers will include individual pharmacists from the areas involved, resus officers if it’s for the emergency drug box plus anaesthetists if they are for use in theatre areas and other clinicians involved for drugs used in other areas.


A list of job titles would include:

Pharmacists– Clinical Lead Pharmacists/Chief Pharmacist

Resuscitation officers

Senior clinicians –such as (but not necessarily and certainly not limited to) the clinical leads for the areas the drugs will be used.