Reference 2019-479

REF:            2019-479

Subject:        SOPs and minor injuries




I’m currently looking at service change in minor injuries unit of the accident and emergency department in my trust and looking at the scope of practice of the Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENP). As this will enable myself to create an updated SOP for my department.

1) What remit of injuries do the ENP see?

2)  Is there any exclusion (i.e.  Head injuries on warfarin or back pain)

3) Copy of the departmental Standard of Operations Policy for minor injuries




1) what remit of injuries do the ENP see The ENP’s see all patients presenting to ED with minor injuries and Illnesses following triage or via a see and treat model
2)  is there any exclusions  ( i.e.  head injuries on warfarin or  back pain) The exclusions

Back pain – no mechanism of injury or with neurology


Significant mechanism of injury that warrants Majors

3) copy of the departmental  Standard of Operations Policy for  minor injuries


The ENP’s work from competencies they have a 12 month training period of in house training and attend a module at University

Minors Sop included.


Please find file attached.

Minors and see and treat SOP [335 kb] PDF