Reference 2019-523

REF:            2019-523

Subject:        Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy




  1. How many patients were treated with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in 2018?
  1. What was the total number of treatment days on ICU for CRRT in 2018?
  1. How many CRRT machines do you have on ICU?
  1. Who is your supplier of CRRT machines and consumables?
  1. How old are the CRRT machines?
  1. Are the machines covered by a maintenance agreement by the manufacturer?
  1. What was the total spend on all associated consumables for CRRT in 2018, including Dialysate fluid, Sets, Waste bags, Citrate & Calcium products procured by pharmacy?




We do not hold this information, the service is provided by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.


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