Reference 2019-533

REF:          2019-533 

Subject:      Musculoskeletal (MSK) services 




Request 1: Please provide details of the number of referrals received by the Trust for patients to all MSK physiotherapy services for the following financial years:  i) 2016/17, ii) 2017/18 and iii) 2018/2019

Request 2: Please confirm or deny whether the Trust provides Musculoskeletal (MSK) services that include first contact physiotherapists in General Practice

Request 3: Please confirm or deny whether patients can self-refer to physiotherapy services within the MSK services provided by the Trust

Request 4: The amount of time taken between a referral (regardless of its source) to physiotherapist being made and the patient’s first appointment with the physiotherapist for both routine and urgent cases

Please provide details of the average time taken for the following financial years:

  1. i) 2016/17 Routine: Urgent:
  2. ii) 2017/18 Routine: Urgent:

iii) 2018/2019 Routine: Urgent:

  1. c) If this is not available, please confirm if another entity, and if so which, holds this information for patients in the locality.
  2. d) If this information is not held by you or another health body in your area, please confirm if referral to treatment times for physiotherapist appointments used to be recorded and if so, when did this cease to be measured?

Definitions of terms used in questions 2 and 3:

First contact physiotherapists in General Practice* = When a patient has an appointment with a physiotherapist instead of a GP at a GP practice


Patient self-referral**= Patients can refer themselves to physio without seeing a GP or having a referral from anyone else.





Please find information attached.

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