Reference 2019-560

REF:          2019-560 

Subject:      Hospital laboratory services 




  1. How many laboratories (please include breakdown of sites/disciplines if possible) are there in your Trust?
  2. What is the headcount of laboratory staff (please include breakdown of sites/departments/roles if possible) in your Trust?
  3. How many patient samples or ‘reportable laboratory activities’ are processed (please include breakdown of sites/departments if possible) by your Trust’s laboratories each year (please include the three most recent available years’ numbers)?
  4. What number (and percentage) of your Trust’s patients have a sample processed in a laboratory as part of their treatment?
  5. How many patient samples are taken by your Trust but not processed/analysed by your Trust’s laboratory staff? (IE: outsourced)
  6. If any, where are outsourced patient samples sent? (please include company names/addresses and number of samples sent each year)




Please find information attached.

2019-560 – FOI Request – Hospital laboratory services [180 kb] PDF