Reference 2019-58

REF:           2019-58

Subject:       Viscosupplementation Injections



1. Does your organisation use/perform Viscosupplementation injections?

2. If so, how much did your organisation spend on Viscosupplementation between the period of 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018?

3. If your organisation used Viscosupplementation between the period 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018, which brand(s) Viscosupplement did you use?


To make your research easier, I have listed all commonly used Viscosupplements that you can cross reference:

  • Arthrum H
  • Orthovisc
  • Crespine Gel
  • Durolane
  • Euflexxa
  • Fermathron
  • Ostenil
  • Ostenil Plus
  • RenehaVis
  • Suplasyn
  • Synocrom
  • Synocrom Mini
  • Synolis
  • Monovisc
  • Synopsis
  • Synvisc (Hylan GF-20)
  • Synvisc One (Hylan GF-20)


4. How many units of each brand of Viscosupplement did you use?

5. Please can you provide me with the name and email address for the Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Lead Musculoskeletal Pharmacist?




Please find this information attached.

2019-58 – FOI Request – Viscosupplementation Injections [112 kb] PDF

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