Reference 2019-589

REF:            2019-589

Subject:        Intra-vitreal vials/implants




Within your trust how many of the following intra-vitreal vials/implants have been used in the latest 4 months, if possible between May to August 2019; for the following eye conditions;

Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (wAMD)

*Ranibizumab, Bevacizumab, Aflibercept, Fluocinolone, Dexamethasone.


Diabetic Macular Oedema (DMO)

* Ranibizumab, Bevacizumab, Aflibercept, Fluocinolone, Dexamethasone.


Retinal Vein Occlusion – Central or Branch (CRVO or BRVO)

*Ranibizumab, Bevacizumab, Aflibercept, Fluocinolone, Dexamethasone.


Other eg mCNV

*Ranibizumab, Bevacizumab, Aflibercept, Fluocinolone, Dexamethasone.




We can provide a response to the earlier FOI (  but we are unable to break down by indication as request in this FOI, I will therefore only respond to the earlier FOI.