Reference 2019-593

REF:            2019-593

Subject:        GHB Deaths/ Admissions




We’re doing a piece on the chem sex drug “G” or “GHB” (gamma hydroxybutyrate/ gamma butyrolactone) on our evening programme. We have a case study who’s recovering after he fell ill after taking it, but we’d like to get an idea of how big the issue is.

Please can you tell me how many admissions you’ve had to your hospitals; and how many deaths you’ve had, which have been caused by the drug GHB, since the start of this year.

I suspect it isn’t one of the drugs which is specifically screened for.



We do not record this information in our systems for patients who attended A&E, only for inpatients. We do not think that will be possible to determine how many deaths were caused by GHB, based on the coding alone. This will require a case note review and will take more than 2.5 days to retrieve and collect the information.