Reference 2019-60

REF:           2019-60

Subject:       Sepsis



1) What best describes your organisation? Please place an X next to the appropriate answer.

  • Acute District General Hospital
  • Acute Tertiary centre
  • Specialist tertiary centre
  • Private hospital


2) Do you submit Sepsis CQUIN data? Yes/No


3) a) Are you using NEWS2 in your organization? Yes/No

3) b) If not, are you in the process of transitioning to NEWS2? Yes/No


4) What sepsis screening prompt is used? Please place an X next to all that apply.

  • Suspicion of Infection +
  • NEWS2
  • NEWS
  • MEWS or equivalent
  • SIRS
  • Health care professional concern
  • Clinical or carer concern


5) What treatment prompt is used? Please place an X next to all that apply.

  • NEWS of 5 + Clinical Judgement (Senior review)
  • Red Flag Sepsis
  • Full NICE sepsis criteria
  • Sepsis 3 (quick SOFA)
  • Sepsis 2 (SIRS criteria + organ dysfunction)


6) What treatment pathway is used?

a)      Sepsis 6

b)      SSC guidelines




Please find information attached.

2019-60 – FOI Request – Sepsis [119 kb] PDF

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