Reference 2019-617

REF:         2019-617  

Subject:     Hip and knee joint replacements  



Please provide a list of (a) hip and (b) knee replacements recorded under the consultant-led referral-to-treatment category Trauma & Orthopaedics that were delivered in the following timeframes from referral to treatment for Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust by month from April 2018 to March 2019.

* 18 weeks or less (i.e. greater than 0 weeks and less than or equal to 18 weeks)
* Between 18 and 26 weeks (i.e. greater than 18 weeks and less than or equal to 26 weeks)
* Between 26 and 52 weeks (i.e. greater than 26 weeks and less than or equal to 52 weeks)
* More than 52 weeks (i.e. greater than 52 weeks)
* Total



Please find information attached.

2019-617 – FOI request – Hip and knee joint replacements [13 kb] Ms Excel