Reference 2019-619

REF:            2019-619

Subject:        Contracted social enterprises



Please provide the following information about any Social Enterprises which are currently contracted (either as the main contractor or as a sub-contractor) to provide Healthcare services on behalf of your NHS Trust(s):

  • Name of organisation
  • Main contact (if known)

To assist you, social enterprises are organisations that have a core social mission. They can be identified by certain legal structures such as:

  • Community Interest Company
  • Company limited by Guarantee
  • Community Benefit Society
  • Industrial and Provident Society
  • Cooperatives
  • Any charitable structures




The system we have does not identify these companies separately from other companies/organisations and whilst we can see/name a few that we deal with, to answer this properly would take a manual intervention in the system that would take in excess of 2.5 days to process.  As such we are refusing the request under section 12 of the Act.