Reference 2019-629

REF:           2019-629

Subject:       Artificial Intelligence 



  1.     In which health services has your Trust use Artificial Intelligence technologies? [Tick all that apply]
    a.     Clinical care
    b.     Patient diagnosis
    c.     Patient outreach/liaison
    d.     Drug development
    e.      Laboratory research
    f.     Other, please state
    g.     Our Trust is not using Artificial Intelligence

    2.     If your Trust does not use Artificial Intelligence technologies for health services today, when do you plan to deploy Artificial Intelligence? [Tick one only]
    a.     Within the next 12 months
    b.     Between 13 and 24 months
    c.     Between 25 and 36 months
    d.     Beyond 37 months

    3.     Which Artificial Intelligence technologies does your Trust use today? [Tick all that apply]
    a.     Chatbots
    b.     Machine Learning
    c.     Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    d.     Speech recognition
    e.     Computer vision
    f.      Other, please state

    4.     How much has your Trust invested in Artificial Intelligence in the last two years? [Tick one only]
    a.     Under £100,000
    b.     Between £100,001 and £499,999
    c.     Between £500,000 and £999,999
    d.     Between £1,000,000 and £4,999,999
    e.     Over £5,000,000

    5.     Do you have a data strategy in place allowing your Trust to use the data for Artificial Intelligence projects? [Tick one only]
    a.     Yes, we can use our data for Artificial Intelligence projects
    b.     No, we have data challenges in our Trust (e.g. too many data silos, lacking the skillsets, lack of strategy)

    6.     How is your Trust reviewing your data policy with regards to governance and using data for Artificial Intelligence projects? [Tick one only]
    a.     We have already reviewed our policy
    b.     We plan to review our policy
    c.     We have no plans to review our policy

    7.     What is the job title of the most senior person responsible for Artificial Intelligence in your Trust?




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