Reference 2019-648

REF:           2019-648

Subject:       CCG restrictions on treatments



  1. Please confirm or deny if there are any requirements from your local CCG to ration any treatment or surgery options to people based on their smoking status (i.e. not limited to smoking cessation treatments); if confirm, please provide details.


Public interest arguments

There is a clear public interest for disclosure of this information, in that disclosure will:

  • Further the understanding of and participation in the public debate of issues of the day, and will allow a more informed debate of issues under consideration by public bodies
  • Promote accountability and transparency by public authorities for decisions taken by them
  • Allow individuals to understand decisions made by public authorities affecting their lives
  • Bring to light information on any restrictions by CCGs on access to treatments based on a patient’s smoking status




We do not hold this information, you will need to contact Bolton CCG, please see the link for their website: