Reference 2019-650

REF:            2019-650

Subject:        Task management platforms



I would like to make a Freedom of information request to your Trust. We are looking to understand levels of digital maturity across the NHS with respect to managing and analysing day to day tasks. Please provide answers to the following questions:


  1. Has your Trust implemented (or is about to implement) a task management system? (if not, please skip to the end)
  1. What is the name of the system / was this built in house?
  1. When was / will the system be implemented?
  1. Does this system capture: ward round / day-time patient tasks; hospital-at-night tasks; board round tasks; other (please specify); or a combination (please specify)
  1. Is the system used by: Doctors, Nurses, both, or other (please specify)
  1. If available, what is the utilisation rate (this can be estimated, rather than exact) of the system?

Expressed as a percentage, where 100% is where the system is used at least once every day or every Monday-Friday (please specify) to capture data on every in-patient, and 50% would be used every day to capture tasks for half of your patient OR used every other day to capture tasks for half of your patients. Alternatively – if utilisation figures are available, but otherwise defined, please supply the figures which you have, and the definition of utilisation used.


  1. Does the system offer any presentation of the data captured? e.g. an analysis dashboard
    • If so, what data is presented on this dashboard?
  1. What is the cost (including any ongoing costs) to implement the system?
  1. If a contract is in place with a supplier for a task management system then:
    • What is the total value of this contract?
    • How long was the total contract for?




Please find information attached.

2019-650 – FOI Request – Task management platforms [118 kb] PDF