Reference 2019-678

REF:            2019-678

Subject:        Ophthalmology waiting list




I am submitting a request for information held by the trust under the Freedom of Information Act.

  1. How many patients do you have on your waiting lists who require a follow-up appointment in ophthalmology?
  2. Over the last year (ie from November 2018 to October 2019), how many patients exceeded the length of time requested by their consultant/doctor before being seen for an ophthalmology follow up appointment?
  3. How long had they waited past their target date? Please give the total number and also break down by the following categories.
    • Under a month
    • One month to six months
    • Six months to a year
    • Over a year.
  4. In how many of these cases was a harm review carried out?
  5. What are the criteria for carrying out a harm review?
  6. Did the harm reviews reveal any patients had come to harm (please give numbers and the degree of harm suffered)?
  7. Please also attach internal or external reports relating to issues with follow up appointments in ophthalmology.




Please find information attached.

2019-678 – FOI request – Ophthalmology waiting list [170 kb] PDF