Reference 2019-679

REF:           2019-679

Subject:       Telecare Monitoring



In order to assist with this survey, could you please answer the following:

  1. Does your organization presently provide a Telecare operations centre to monitor your local population or monitor specific conditions? –  NO / YES

IF the answer is YES please reply to the questions below – 1.1 to 1.10  & Q3

IF the answer is NO please reply to questions 2 to 2.4 and Q3


YES – we do have/use a monitoring centre

  1. Is this service staffed by clinical or non-clinical staff?
  2. – Is this an internal support system using your own staff to monitor the calls?
  3. – Is this an external support system run by the CCG and if so, which CCG/ Group of GPs’ and does this team have a name/department title/ contact?
  4. – Is this an external commercially available centre or Local Authority centre and if so, could you disclose the name of the 3rd party provider?
  5. Do you know what Software is used to hold patient contact data and log calls – if any CRM system used at all?
  6. Do you know if calls logged are written into your PAS or the patients’ GP system?
  7. Do you collect any data from the likes of? –

1.7.1         Glucometers/ Spirometers/ weighing scales/ECG

1.7.2         Future advances such as Body worn devices / smart watches that collect data such as Spo2, BP, Pulse, Temp, Movement

1.7.3         Manually taken vital signs at home sent into the cloud

1.7.4         Wellbeing questionnaires completed by the patient

1.7.5         Domiciliary visits notes

1.7.6         GP or Community Nurse notes

1.7.7         Smart Home devices such as alerts re Carbon Monoxide levels, Non-Movement etc.

1.7.8         Fall detection systems

1.7.9         Activities of Daily Living monitoring


Other devices – not named above (please comment)

  1. If you do not collect data from remote devices, would you see any advantages to incorporating data collected from any of the items listed above, by way of ongoing monitoring, establishing baseline measurement or general patient & social safety/wellbeing? (please comment)
  2. Do you use a Video link to get visual contact with your patients? YES/NO

1.9.1         – If YES – why do you see this as important

1.9.2         – If NO – why is this not seen as important

1.9.3         – If NO – is this an aspiration?



  1. Have you done any ROI analytics/ produced any research, to rationalize why telecare monitoring does have a place in an ACUTE setting? If YES – are you able to share these?

Any other comments


  1. If the answer is NO – you do  NOT have a monitoring system
    1. Within the next 2 years, would a Telecare Monitoring Service  be something that the Trust would consider as a way of either reducing hospital admissions, promoting an earlier discharge and/or recognizing and acting upon patient deterioration sooner?


    1. Could you explain your reasoning for either of the 2 answers given above please?


  1. Who is the main person(s)/ decision maker (s) / team – who would be responsible for the decision to use a Telecare monitoring centre and if already used, who  manages the centre at present?




Please find information attached.

2019-679 – FOI request – Telecare Monitoring [130 kb] PDF