Reference 2019-691

REF:           2019-691

Subject:       Surgical robots 



1)  Are surgical robots used for urology, gynaecology and general surgery in your trust?

If yes:

1a) How many surgical robots are in use in your trust?

1b) What is the name of the manufacturer of the surgical robot(s) and the model(s) used in your trust?

1c) What date was the surgical robot(s) purchased?

1d) Are you currently planning to purchase a surgical robot(s) in the next 18 months?

2) How many procedures were carried out with use of a surgical robot each year between 2013 to present – in the following specialities:

  • Urology
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • General Surgery (e.g. cholecystectomy, hernia repair)
  • Gynaecology

3) How many consultant surgeons within your trust perform robotic surgery for each speciality? Please supply breakdown by speciality.

4a) How much did the trust pay to purchase the robot(s)? If multiple surgical robots, please specify price of each robot.

4b) How much has been spent on disposables for the robot(s) annually between 2013 – present?

4c) What is the total cost of maintenance for the robot(s) annually between 2013 – present?




Please find information attached.

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