Reference 2019-692

REF:            2019-692

Subject:        Metal on metal testing



All questions relate to metal on metal testing :

  • How may tests were undertaken in the financial year 2018/19?
  • How many tests were referred via Direct Access?
  • Are these tests undertaken in-house or sent to another laboratory?
  • If sent away, which laboratory are the bloods sent to?
  • If sent away, how much does it cost the Trust per test?
  • If undertaken in house, what is the cost per test?
  • Does the Trust believe the cost of ALL these tests are covered by the national tariff mechanism?
  • If the answer to question 7 is no, does the Trust have a separate contract for these?


To ensure consistency of count of tests could each element be split as the below;

Each of the below counted as an individual test

  • Blood Chromium (ppb)
  • Blood Cobalt (ppb)
  • Serum chromium
  • Serum Cobalt

Or if this is not possible Blood Chromium (ppb) and Blood Cobalt (ppb) be counted as 1 test and Serum chromium and Serum Cobalt be counted as a separate test.

Whichever count is applied could the answer to the question be consistent and can you advise which method has been applied.




The request has been closed as per user request.